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Shower Hose

Common materials for Shower Hose are metal hoses, braided tubes, and PVC reinforced tubes. Different materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and there is no absolute good or bad. When you buy it in a hardware store, you can compare several materials. The key contrast surface is flat, the gap is even, the hand feels smooth, the natural expansion, the structure is firm, and the damage resistance is strong. In addition, the size of the shower hose should be matched with the shower head. The general dimensions are 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. You can bring the old hose to buy a new hose for comparison.
The inner tube adopts high-quality PVC new material, which is hygienic and environmentally friendly, has no odor, effectively protects the outer stainless steel wire, and has a very comfortable hand feeling and is not easy to rust.
Improved sealing structure, better performance and better avoid water leakage. It can withstand high temperature up to 70 °C and burst pressure of 2.5 MPa, effectively reducing tube explosion accidents.
The long-term use of the seal remains as it is. It is resistant to cold and heat, has a long-lasting durability, can withstand 500N tension and 1500 times of 180° rotation, and the hose does not break or trip.
There are few installation interfaces, no tools, no tools, just hand tightening.
Strong adsorption, installation in 5 minutes.
1. First put the attached gasket into the two nuts of the pipe;
2 Align one end of the tube with the tap water outlet screw, then turn it to the right by hand and tighten it;
3. Screw on the spray head, follow step 2, and then test for water leakage.
If you use the wrench during the installation process, please don't use too much force. The tools are labor-saving.
Excessive force is easy to produce stress fatigue and damage products.
Changxin: Professional shower hose manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale high quality shower hose at competitive price from our factory.
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