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Corrugated Hose

The corrugated hose is installed in the liquid conveying system as a flexible pressure-resistant pipe fitting to compensate the mutual displacement of the pipe or the connection end of the machine and equipment, absorb the vibration energy, and can play the role of vibration reduction, noise reduction, etc., with good flexibility and light weight. It is resistant to corrosion, fatigue, high and low temperature, and can be threaded.
PE (polyethylene polyethylene)
PP (Polypropylene Polypropylene)
PA (nylon Polyamide)
Operating temperature
-30 ° C ~ +100 ° C short time up to +120 ° C
High flexibility, resistance to distortion and good bending performance. Abrasion resistance, acid corrosion resistance, etc.
Both internal and external are wave shaped.
Black, natural, and other colors can be customized (can be cut as needed).
Carrying capacity
It can withstand the heavy pressure of the foot, does not break, does not deform, can recover quickly, and has no damage itself.
Application range
It can be used in machine tools, power equipment, food machinery, automation equipment, motor motors, air conditioner refrigerators, automotive wiring harnesses, and protection of wire and cable from external wear and insulation.
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