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Braided Hose

Component composition
It consists of wire, inner tube, steel sleeve, core, gasket, nut bellows: hexagonal cap, body, gasket, plastic sleeve.
Braided Hose is mainly used to connect the angle valve and the basin faucet, the kitchen faucet, the vertical bathtub faucet, the water heater, the central air conditioner and the toilet to form the water supply channel or the drain pipe.
It is made of 6 strands of 304 stainless steel wire. The flexibility of the whole tube is better and the anti-riot effect is better. However, compared with the bellows, the diameter is small and the water flow is small.
The internal connecting pipe and the joint gasket are made of EPDM high quality rubber.
It is non-toxic, anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-erosion, cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, high-pressure resistant, and has excellent sealing properties.
1.Braided Hose is made of stainless steel as a whole and has strong corrosion resistance.
2. The hose body is hydroformed into a thin-walled stainless steel pipe body, which has strong flexibility, flexibility, strong bending and vibration resistance, and enhanced protection of the woven mesh sleeve to make it have higher pressure bearing capacity.
3. The connection of the two ends of the hose can also be made into other connection methods except the standard of thread and flange, which is convenient for connection and use.
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